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Next course dates: Basing View, Basingstoke. Date to be confirmed.

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This one-day training course is designed for business owners & marketing managers who have set up social media accounts, but then found it difficult to create content, engage and measure results.

Advanced social media training from Paul Allen Media will help you devise a social media strategy, create a content calendar to help you to understand how to monitor and measure your results.

The course looks in detail at the latest features within LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and illustrates how they may be employed within your business marketing.

At the end of the day, you will leave the day with the ability to apply expert tools and techniques to promote your business online.


At just £149 plus VAT, the advanced social media training course is specifically designed to help marketing managers & business owners. The training session runs from 9:30am until 4:30pm.

The advanced social media training course covers the following key areas:


Planning: Creating a social media strategy for your business
Integration: How to integrate your social activity into your traditional marketing
Creativity: How to create engaging content and plan campaigns
Ethics: Guidance on the codes of ethics and expected methods of engagement online
Legal: Social media and the law
Resourcing: How to resource great social content simply and easily
Productivity: Time-saving tools and techniques to help you work smarter not harder


Listening: How to best monitor conversations online and manage your online reputation
Third party tools: A review of key paid-for and free listening tools

Content Strategy

Platform strategy: Choosing the right social platforms to deliver your business objectives
Content calendar: How to plan and create content to drive results
Media: Text, image, video , infographic, which media works best for your content?
Engagement: How to structure your content to maximise community engagement
Posting: Best practice advice on when and how many times to post.

Community Management

Community growth: How to grow a targeted community across your chosen platforms
Advertising: How to use social advertising to boost your community & give your content visibility


Audience: How to grow a targeted group of active, engaged followers
Search: How to find the most influential Twitter users in your niche or target
PR: Pitching stories to the bloggers, journalists and influencers
Tools: A review of the vast range of free Twitter tools available


Strategy: How to convert ‘Likes’ into customers
Optimisation: How to maximise your organic reach
Engagement: How to maximise comments, likes and shares
Traffic: How best to grow a targeted Facebook audience
Tools: Facebook apps, events and offers
Guidelines: Working within Facebook’s stringent rules and regulations


Personal Profiles: The importance of optimising your profile for visibility
Company Pages: How to create a meaningful company page delivering targeted traffic
Network: How best to engage current connections, target prospects and industry professionals
Content: Create status updates specifically targeted by company size, industry, job function, seniority or geography
LinkedIn Groups: How to build and manage a successful, engaged community
LinkedIn InMail: How to use LinkedIn’s paid messages to target more than 300 million prospects

Social Media Advertising

Audience profile: How to target audiences by location, keyword, lifestyle, connection, demographic, & workplace
Sponsored Stories: Boost visibility of community interactions to drive page ‘Likes’
Promoted Posts: Ensure your priority posts reaches your desired target audience
Facebook offers: How to use Facebook to drive sign ups.
Database marketing: Align your social media advertising with your email marketing database using Custom Audiences


Platform analytics: An overview of the analytical tools within Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
Tools: Advice on the free tools available online for tracking social activity
Metrics: How to choose the right metrics to measuring your performance
Google Analytics: How to use Google’s free tool to better understand your customer journey

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