Wouldn’t it be good if you could find the time to go networking?

Trouble is your diary is just too busy!

Perhaps this is the answer?

At 12:30 on Thursday 28th May 2015 , I am involved in a fascinating social media experiment. Perhaps, the world’s first ever physical and virtual public networking event!

Google hangout on air networking meeting

Based on an original idea by Dave Webster of Webster Consulting, we’re getting together with key partners to hold a lunchtime networking event in the centre of Reading which will also be broadcast simultaneously via a Google+ Hangout On Air.

So in addition to the people who can make it in the room, we’ll have people from around the corner and around the world watching and taking part in the event, online.

In William Richmond Coggan, we’ve got a great Solicitor Advocate talking about staying the right side of the law in a digital world.

So to see the future of business networking and just what today’s social media can deliver for your business marketing, why not take an hour out for lunch tomorrow and join from the safety of your desk. It’s all free and the link to join us is here!


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