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by Paul Allen on October 27, 2010

Just type Social media into any search engine and you being to realise the hype around social media. Loads of so called experts bragging about how long they’ve been blogging, right through to new comers like me who are fascinated by the new opportunities the various platforms present to businesses to communicate.

Right now, it would be very easy to fill your diary with so many Social Media events that you would have little or no time to run your business. That said, the really exciting aspect to Social Media (just like TV, radio and press before it) is the potential for creativity. It is my belief that the best practitioners will succeed through the creative rather than in depth knowledge of how each platform works. Too many blogs I read (mostly from males incidentally!) seem preoccupied with how each medium engages rather than how best to motivate an audience to interact!

With 20 years experience in radio advertising and marketing, I recall the early days when this exciting new way to engage with customers stole business from press through its ability to connect with listeners through on air competitions & promotions. You didn’t have to send your answers on a postcard and you didn’t have to wait until next week’s paper to see who won, you just heard the whole thing unfold on air there and then. Similarly, Social Media has the opportunity to provide the next level of two-way interaction and frankly, I don’t think we’ve even begun to scratch the surface of what SM can achieve.

With technology evolving at such speed, it is my belief that no one can ever truly be an expert in Social Media and looking back at the lessons learned through the development of Commercial Radio, I also believe that shared wisdom will do the industry no harm at all. So that’s why I’ve deliberately made time to attend the Social Media Guys Event in Reading on November 9th and the 2020 Social Media Event in Marlow on November 18th. I hope to meet you there!

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