I don’t need to advertise, all my work comes from recommendation!

by Paul Allen on March 17, 2013

Facebook thumbs up Paul Allen Media Ever heard a business owner say this?

So why is it so hard to find any concrete evidence to back up their claim?

Especially when you consider the opportunities technology is presenting today’s small business owners. Technology has stolen mass media from the moguls and delivered it into the hands of everyone. People like you and me…

Like it or not, we are part of a social revolution that has given us a new ‘social’ media.

Response to traditional, interruptive ‘mass media’ advertising is declining rapidly. Nowadays people look to Twitter and the web for breaking news and when spending money, today’s consumers seek recommendations from their communities on Facebook, LinkedIn and even those 5 star recommendations on Amazon!

So now everyone of us is in the media.

If you have ever published anything online, you are in the media business. It might not be an advertisement, it might be web copy, a blog or even a letter, but it is usually an attempt to highlight your product or service and hopefully a reason why we should choose you over your competitors.

Trouble is it is tough to put ourselves in the minds of potential customers and write what we think might appeal to them. Even experienced marketers are finding it challenging to adapt proven techniques from their days in interruptive advertising into a social media world where the rule book has been thrown out of the window.

So why bother?

Especially when all those customers who pass on recommendations to others could write it for you?

There is nothing more powerful than having someone else tell the world just how good your product or service is.

So why do we spend so little time and effort seeking written testimonials from our satisfied customers, and even when we do, they sit in a file on a shelf back at the office.

Customer testimonial file Paul Allen Media

A survey by Hubspot in March 2012 discovered 92% of consumers trust ‘word of mouth’ whilst 70% trust online reviews. In contrast, less than half of all consumers trusted advertising messages delivered by traditional media channels.

In the new media world, where we are all media moguls, it is essential to keep it real, personal and interesting, three qualities that will ensure you connect with your target audience and earn a decent living!

So even if all your work comes through recommendation, you still need to advertise!

We all know testimonials work, so why not share your testimonial success stories below?


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Debra Mann September 7, 2013 at 11:35 am

Great artical Paul. We both know how powerful media advertising can be, if done right. However having all these media savvy customers often the customer wants to do it their way rather than take or pay for advice from a proffessional. Then they complain it hasnt worked. Spending a little bit more on getting the message right does produce great results and sharing that success is great advice.

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