Opening a social media account is one thing, but what do I say?

by Paul Allen on February 2, 2013

Do business FB thumbs up.001Opening a social media account is one thing, but when it comes to what to say, that’s when it becomes a little more challenging!

It’s the question I’m probably most asked when talking to business people about marketing today.

Having been brought up on interruptive marketing from traditional channels such as TV, Radio and Press, instinctively, we think commercially and post comments which are of a sales nature.

Comments like “Treat your loved one to our fabulous 3 course Valentines menu which your partner and pocket will love!’ are sadly all too frequent on Twitter and Facebook.

The trouble is we’ve all been trained to sell on features rather than benefits.

The skill of ‘interactive‘ is to engage with your target audience to discover their needs and see if they match the benefits your product or service provides. How about highlighting case histories and/or testimonials where existing customers have used your business or service to solve specific challenges. In other words, give examples that potential new clients can identify with.

The trick is to ban the words “we” and “our” from all future comms. Instead consider using words like “You” or “Your” and talk about customers and clients.

Just think, how many websites still feature body copy written in the “Royal We?” Does yours?

This is where businesses really need help … Content Marketing.

interactive vs interruptive marketing image

On Monday 25th February, my next Social Media Boot Camp, will focus on how to get Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn working effectively for your business, but more importantly will focus on how to build a strategy for engagement so that you will have a plan of action to take away with you for the weeks and months ahead.

Being held at the Hilton Hotel, Bracknell, it’s a practical course in a classroom style environment where delegates will be able to bring their laptops and get stuck in. No picking up course notes a week later and trying to remember how to do it with this course!

Numbers are limited to a maximum of just 15 students so please click this link to find out more.

…Or give me a call to talk it through, 01256 952222

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