Why don’t people follow me back on social media?

by Paul Allen on April 30, 2013

social media fail thumbs downEver wondered why so few people follow you back on social media?

Ever wondered why your Facebook Fan Page has so few… fans?

I’m willing to bet it’s not who you are or what you do that’s the problem.

It’s almost certainly what you say and how you say it…

Take a look at this set of tweets from a secondhand office furniture reseller sent over a one week period:


no engagement tweetsSadly, this kind of posting is all too common today. Businesses on transmit and not on receive! Posts devoid of any content that would be of interest to those kind enough to follow back! Looking more closely at the Twitter stream, it quickly becomes obvious there is no attempt whatsoever to enter into conversation with anyone, however brief! In other words, I’ve spent time and money opening these accounts so they better get me sales and quick!

It’s no wonder people don’t follow back, why would you?

Trouble is these are the same people who, in six months when they have achieved nothing, claim that social media doesn’t work!

If you believe that attending networking events allows you to meet people and ultimately do business, then social media is simply an opportunity to do exactly the same thing on a global scale!

Here’s another example, this time from Facebook as highlighted on the superb Condescending Corporate Branding Facebook page¬†which I urge everyone to follow:

B&Q facebook post


Here, a national DIY business posts thinly veiled sales messages dressed up as content which in the final analysis, only serve to frustrate followers and potentially cause damage to the brand.

So it is understandable that smart businesses are beginning to realise that anyone can set up social media accounts and make them look pretty with clever imagery, but ultimately your success comes down to the quality of your CONTENT MARKETING! Increasingly business people, marketing professionals and many social media advisors are struggling with this concept.

In the radio industry we were teaching content marketing to our journalists and presenters back in the early 1990’s, it’s second nature to broadcasters to try to create a sense of the day with every programme they produce as that is the best way to create audience loyalty.

Increasingly businesses are coming to me to talk content marketing. Typically they are looking for training for directors and staff, alternatively they are looking for an experienced organisation that can take on the task to save them time, money and hassle.

If you are looking for more help on how to get started with content marketing then please click the link to my Social Media Bootcamp being held at Newbury Rugby Club on Monday 13th May. The day is designed to help business people get to grips with every aspect of social media including content marketing.

In the meantime, here’s an example of just what good social engagement can achieve. This example recently from my Twitter account:

twitter crutches conversationSo what examples of good and bad content marketing have you found on social media? I would love you to post your examples below!


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Janine Lewis @theramb,ingduck May 1, 2013 at 9:39 pm

Thank you for stating what does seem an obvious school boy tweeting error but we all make it!
Quality productive interactive tweets with the personal touch too are key for engagement rather that quantities of noise.

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