Why is video the “must have” marketing tool for your business?

by Paul Allen on June 18, 2012

Television for watching YouTube videosSuccessful modern businesses know that effective online marketing is all about generating traffic and having an effective conversion strategy.

You-Tube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and it offers today’s  businesses an extraordinary opportunity to engage with new and existing customers. The extraordinary growth of video channels together with the technology that delivers them to our homes and offices is rapidly transforming the marketing opportunities for SME’s.

Now, customers and clients have easy access to video and are happy to watch online via their new mobile devices. This is fantastic news for businesses of all sizes. The key to success however is not to pick up a video camera and get shooting straight away, rather to devise an effective strategy and plan engaging content.

Google owns YouTube, so video is great for your online visibility and with the right content can quickly build credibility. It was BNI founder Ivan Misner who once said “Visibility + credibility = profitability.”

If you would like to know more, I am presenting a  30 minute workshop on this very topic at The Hampshire Business Expo 2012 on Thursday 21st June at The Apollo Hotel, Basingstoke. During the session I will be looking at the UK data behind these claims and outlining just how forward thinking businesses in the South are already maximising these opportunities to generate new business for their companies!

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